Frequently Asked Questions

Members Dental Benefits

What kind of plan do I have and what are my benefits?

Sign into your Member Portal to find out what plan you have and the services it covers. Through the Member Portal, you can verify benefits, download ID cards, review product information, update your payment method, and more!

Does NCD sell individual dental insurance?

What type of dental insurance plans does NCD offer?

How do I check to see if I have met my deductible and/or what is remaining on my annual maximum?

How can I find a network dentist in my area?

How do I register for my Member Portal account?

I forgot my username/password.

What is my Member ID number?

How can I get a replacement ID card?

Who do I contact about my benefits?

How do I add a spouse or dependents to my plan?

I tried calling the phone number on my ID card, but the number doesn’t work. Who can I contact for assistance?

I noticed a charge on my bank statement from NCD and it used to be NationalCare. What’s going on?

If I am unable to make my monthly payment due to being affected by COVID-19, how can I receive assistance?

How can I cancel my policy?

What is NSBA?

What if my provider doesn’t recognize NCD?

Members Dental Claims

Does NCD require claim forms? Where should claims be sent?

When you use an in-network provider, the provider will file the claim for you. When you use an out-of-network provider, you may have to file the claim yourself. If you do need to submit a claim yourself, the ADA Claim Form is available to download through your Dental Claims Portal via https://main.mbaadmin.com/member/member_login. The Username is your Member ID number, and the password is your Date of Birth in long form (mm/dd/yyyy). Do not include the slashes when you are entering this information. The Claims Address for your plan is located on the back of your ID Card.

Who do I contact about my claims?

How do I view my dental claims?